Custom options for professionals

Add dimensions

Envision customizing a basic model’s size along the X, Y, and Z axes to perfectly suit your needs, effortlessly transforming it into various furnishings like a nightstand, console table, or TV console, tailored precisely to your space requirements.

Add colours

Colours aren’t just hues; they’re stories. Dive into a spectrum of possibilities, conveying your personality, style, or brand identity.

Add materials

MOON empowers your choices, from sleek modern finishes to rich rustic textures. Every material decision shapes your piece, reflecting your character.

Grow your collection with wall decors

Extend your collection with bespoke wall art that captures your vision and distinct taste, converting it into utilitarian elements like mirrors or coat racks.

The Moon DNA

A Lunar landscape

The doors' rounded handles, inspired by the MOON, together with the lunar-like aluminum foam surface carry a story of celestial beauty and symbolism that we're excited to share with you.

A distinctive feature

Every detail matters, right down to the feet of our cabinets. That’s why we’ve chosen to enhance the beauty and functionality of the MOON cabinets with distinctive feet of your preference.

Satisfying opening and closing

Our cabinet doors have been designed to provide a seamless and delightful experience, thanks to a cutting-edge magnetic closure system. The doors glide open and shut with a smooth and satisfying way.

Your furniture your story

Each MOON piece is assigned a special identification number that not only marks the date of its creation but also includes details about the artisans involved and, if desired, information about the purchaser, adding a personal and historical touch to each item.

Eager to work together?

Shape your individual MOON pieces or an entire collection to your liking. Our expert designers and craftsmen guide you from your first inspiration to your final creation, ensuring your MOON designs are created with exactness and style.